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Groom for a Living Course


The 'Groom For a Living' Course - £2200 (non - qualification) - PRICE HOLD!! Increasing to £2450 this year - book NOW to secure current price!                                                                                                                                           

Currently you do not actually need any qualifications to set up your own grooming business!   You DO need to train properly though - and this is where we can teach and guide you through the skills you will need and advise you on everything - from equipment, handling of dogs and conducting visual health checks to pricing, communicating with customers and handling complaints with courtesy and empathy.

On the practical side you will get the SAME TRAINING and learn the SAME SKILLS as those students who are doing the City & Guilds courses. The main difference is the level of theory included. The City & Guilds courses include intensive theory units plus  homework assignments - and, of course, there are exams after the course is completed!  

This course may therefore be the one to choose for those who wish to learn how to groom dogs and make a career out of it - but don't feel ready yet to embrace the extra studying needed to gain a qualification.

On this course you will be given written learning notes on the common animal health problems which we come across in the grooming salon and need to have some knowledge of. As well as the numerous minor health issues which we see frequently, you will get notes on things like the many eye problems, parasites, hip dysplasia and quite a few other conditions and disorders which you will need to identify and record as well as sharing your findings with the dog's owner. You will also receive written training aids to back up your newly learned skills, and these are handed out gradually during the course and are for you to read in your own time and keep to look back on when needed.

Beyond the skills of grooming you will gain an insight into client relations. You will receive a Dapper Dogs booklet called Start Your Own Grooming Business which will assist you to get your business up and running with advice on equipment, advertising and marketing, diary planning, the right level of insurance, fitting out your grooming salon - and much more! Dog grooming is a specialised industry which has different needs to other types of businesses when it comes location, setting up and using your budget wisely - and Dapper Dogs has been prominent within the industry for over 20 years now - so we have a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on! 

No exams are taken, and on successful completion of the course you will be ready to groom dogs and will be awarded the Dapper Dogs School of Grooming Certificate in Dog Grooming  to prove it! 

This is a full time 20 days/140 hours course (from 9.30am to 4.30pm Mon - Fri for 4 weeks). The course starts with the basics, i.e. bathing and drying and learning how to brush out a knotty coat, and continues through all the grooming skills you would need to carry out clipping and styling in your own grooming business. 

COST- £2200 (Increasing soon!) 

Payment Methods: Cheque / Debit Card / Credit Card / Cash / BACS

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