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Pet Owner Short Course

Learn how to groom your own dog. - Sorry this course is temporarily unavailable!

This is a tailor made course to teach you how to meet ALL of the grooming needs of your individual breed of dog - including cross breeds. We find that 2 days are usually required.

We will teach you how to bathe, dry and fully prepare the coat before styling. We include anal glands, nails/dew claws, ears and hygiene (sanitary) clip. All of this comes under the heading of 'Preparation Work'. Then we move on to clipping if appropriate, and then scissoring to shape and style according to breed. We are not in the category of groomer who clips everything off - one of the problems which many owners experience when taking their dog to a groomer is that everything does get clipped off which is often very unattractive and spoils the look of the dog entirely! Instead we will teach you how you can achieve the style which suits the breed and it's lifestyle.

We would provide the equipment for you to use during your course, but you would need to have the necessary equipment for your own use after that. We would advise you on that and provide you with a supplier catalogue from which you can get a 10% discount by using our exclusive key code. You would almost certainly need a few small hand tools - which are not expensive at all - but you may also need professional clippers (£135), 2 blades (approx £26 each), scissors and thinning shears (collectively around £100 for 2 different sized scissors and 1 thinner).

Added on to the cost of training, your initial outlay may add up to a few hundred pounds, but you would eventually re-coup this by saving on regular grooming costs. Of course, you would also get the pleasure of grooming your own dog to your own liking, at home, in the future.  

Cost per day is £175 per person - you will have one to one teaching, hence the cost. This includes your own dog having the full works with us, performed by you under supervision during your course. 

Pet Owner Course Dates 2017 - Temporarily unavailable!







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