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Professional Career Course

The City & Guilds Level 3 Professional Career Course - (£3350)

The Level 3 Professional Career Course is a 'stand-alone' course which starts with the basic preparation skills and then goes further to cover all the skills and aspects of grooming which you will need to be able to groom all of the popular breeds which regularly visit a grooming salon. You DO NOT have to take the Level 2 course first! 

This is a 20 day / 168 hours full time course. You will attend for 20 days (from 09.30am to 4.30pm, Monday-Friday for 4 weeks) and then return for an additional 2 days, at dates to suit, to prepare and then take the Level 3 exams. At the start of your 20 day course you will be provided with all of the C&G revision notes needed to prepare for the exams. You will receive practical training, advice and help with mandatory homework assignments, preparation for your exams and all questions answered.

The Professional Career Course gives you 4 block weeks of hands-on grooming tuition. The fourth week is when everything you have learned pulls together and starts to make proper sense! The first day of the course is spent on an 'induction'. From day 2 it is hands-on all the way. Each student has a dog to work on each day. In the early days you would not be able to finish your dog because you would be doing everything slowly as a beginner. Towards the end of the course you may get to finish 2 dogs a day, depending on the breed and work attached. You will be taught how to groom the breeds which most commonly visit grooming salons, i.e. Westie, Lhasa Apso, Schnauzer, the Terriers and also Spaniels. Then there are the large breeds, eg. Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Lurchers and the smooth coated breeds such as the Labrador, Greyhound, Bassett Hound etc. 

We will teach you how to use clippers to style a dog and set pattern lines. You will learn that, by choosing the right blade, you can do far more with clippers than just removing the coat. You will also learn how to handle scissors correctly and how to use scissors and thinning shears to create a style appropriate to the breed.

Included in this course is tuition in HAND-STRIPPING. This is a specialised skill which, unfortunately, is also becoming a rarity in many grooming salons. You will gain experience in how to identify the breed and coat type which will benefit from being hand-stripped rather than clipped, and you will have the opportunity to learn and perfect this simple technique.

Beyond the skills of grooming you will gain experience in client relations and will receive a detailed information booklet which will assist you to get your business up and running. Dog grooming is a specialised industry which has different needs when considering such things as insurance, advertising, location, equipment etc. Your booklet will help you to make good decisions and to save money in start-up costs.

COST- £3350 (with City & Guilds Level 3 Qualification and all City & Guilds costs included).

Payment by: Cheque/Debit Card/Credit Card or Cash

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